Those that are new to golf often struggle with some of the most common golf terms that are used on the golf course and to explain various features of golf accessories. Here you can find those terms explained in simple language.

Golf Terms

Moment of Inertia (MOI): 

Moment of inertia (MOI) in golf can best be described as the force of which a putter hits the golf ball. When the putter hits a ball off center, the energy is not distributed correctly. Since the energy is not going directly into the center of the golf ball, it will cause the ball to twist, not go as far and not go in the proper direction. A putter that has a greater Moment of inertia will reduce the twisting motion when the ball is struck. This results in a straighter, longer shot.

Since MOI is essentially the balls resistance to twisting, different putters can benefit the golfer. A club head that has a higher moment of inertia will allow for more mistakes by the golfer. This means that if the ball is hit off center, it will still go in the proper direction that the energy was directed into.