Dancin Dogg Optishot Golf Simulator

Dancin Dogg

In this Dancin Dogg review I am going to outline some helpful information on how I have benefited from using this device while pointing out some key factors that you have to keep in mind if your are interested in buying the popular golf simulator.

The fact is that this device is a great tool which will enable you to practice golf at home with accurate feedback on your game while having fun playing golf 24 hours a day.

Is is however a affordable golf simulator that is meant for home use. If you are looking for a professional simulator I recommend you take a look at the P3ProSwing golf simulators (click here).

Even though it is a great device there are some downsides that you have to be aware of if you are going to make a purchase. I will touch upon both the good and bad in this review.

Improve Your Game at Home With the Amazing Dancin Dogg!

Why is the Dogg a Good Option?

My main problem with golf – and the reason why I bought the Dancing Dogg – is having the dedication and focus to keep practising over the closed season. I am actually rather lazy at it and I think it can be very boring to do swing and putting practice without really playing golf. Don’t get me wrong, I truly love golf. There is however just something boring about swinging your golf club without much variation on a driving range, just smashing 200 balls into the open space, or doing swing practices without balls and without really getting the feel for how each stroke was, good or bad.

And if you don’t practice during the closed season the first month of the open season becomes a mess as it takes forever to get the swing and rhythm back. It is truly awful to get back on the course all geared up with you golf equipmentand ready to play again just to find out that you cant even hit the ball with your club, well that is my experience at least.

One solution to this is to get a good – affordable – golf simulator that you can set up in your garage or in your living room and enjoy playing golf at home. This is really a key point about this golf simulator, it is great for what it costs. If you are looking for a golf simulator projector for professional golfers this is not for you and you would have to pay a few thousand dollars for such a tool.

I am not a professional golfer. I enjoy playing and I get to go to the course a few times each week. I think that level and down is good for the Dogg. If you play more than that and are very good at golf this might not be the thing for you as a training tool because you spend so much time on the course anyway but you might enjoy playing at home with friends and family. If you live somewhere where the closed season is long it might be good to use it to keep in shape.

What is this simulator All About?

The Dancin Dogg Optishot golf simulator is an infrared indoor full swing golf simulator that is excellent for beginners and pros that want to play golf at home at a very good price, especially if you are a beginner and don’t have a membership at a golf course.

It takes swing analysis and adds the fun of actually playing golf on a golf course to it. It is accurate, compact, and durable simulator that gives the golf experience from the comfort of your own home. This is especially great during the off season when you want to practice for the open season or just to have fun.

The Dancing Dogg enables you to play golf at home while gaining valuable feedback about your game.

I was able to play golf at home with my own clubs with real balls while getting valuable feedback on my game. I might add that it is also great fun to play the courses to are included in the Dancing Dogg package because you can play it as just a golf game with friends or family as you can play up to four persons at the same time or use it to practise your swing. You can in fact play every shot from tee to green getting feedback on your drive, chip, putting and everything in between.

Even though there are some great features to this device there are also some downsides that you have to be aware of if your are going to purchase it.

The Dancin Dogg Optishot Golf Simulator Features:

  • The important club head speed and angle of the face and the swing path of your club
  • feedback of your shots

Optishot Golf Simulator: What is in the Box?

  • So to start this of lets take a look what is in the box:
  • A software that you set up on your PC (you will need at least a Windows XP, also goes with Vista and 7)
  • Optical Swing Pad that you plug into your computer
  • A lot of golf courses to play on your computer
  • A 180 day manufacturers limited warranty

And what will you need to use the Optishot?

  • Your golf clubs
  • Golf balls – Either real or foam. You can play without the golf ball but I highly recommend that you use one
  • 8.5 foot or higher ceilings (that would be ca. 2.5 meters)
  • 20″ or larger computer screen is recommended
  • Something to grab the golf ball once you swing away

Optishot Golf Simulator Review: Pros and Cons

There are two main con points that I want you to be aware of because this is something people might not realize:

  • First you have to be aware that you are going to swing a real golf club inside your house which means that you have to have a high ceiling and enough space to swing a golf club.
  • It also means – if you want to use real golf balls – that you have to have some kind of a hitting net for your golf balls if you want to use it to its full effect.

First I want to clarify my point. You don´t have to buy a hitting net to be able to use the Dancin Dogg as you can use various objects for that function. A blanket or a large sheet will do the job without any problems. However, I highly recommend that you either buy or find some other way to get your hands on hitting net so you can use the Optishot Golf Simulator to its full potential. I have this system set up in my garage and I love to take up my golf clubs during the off season and just keep my swing fresh. I personally have a Callaway Quad Hitting Net that is around 8 foot high and if you have the budged I recommend you getting that one (Read the Callaway Quad net Review for more information!)

If you however do not have the budged for a hitting net there are various ways you can go about making one your self. Just get your hands on some thing that can grab the ball when you hit it, this can be what ever you like as long as it is something that keeps the golf ball from bouncing all over the place.

The Dogg has been criticized for not being a golf simulator projector and compared to other more expansive golf simulators the accuracy and over all “look” and “feel” of the Dogg might be less but what is important to keep in mind while doing such comparison the key here is what you are getting for the price.

This is a lower budged affordable golf simulator in the “under 400$” price range while the golf simulator projectors come in a price range that is closer to 1.000$ to the comparison between them and the Dogg are unfair.