Get Ahead of Your Golf Game with the Golf Buddy World GPS Range Finder

Get Ahead of Your Game With the Golf Buddy Word GPS Rangefinder

The Golf Buddy World GPS Range Finder is the ultimate golfer’s best friend and for avid golfers worldwide, the Golf Buddy GPS range finders act as your personal digital golfing adviser and even scorekeeper.

These personal GPS devices give every golfer the knowledge they need so that they can focus more on driving shots and enjoying the rounds.

Three popular models of Golf Buddy GPS range finders include:

  • Golf Buddy World GPS
  • Golf Buddy World Platinum Golf GPS
  • Golf Buddy Tour Golf GPS

This digital companion has 40,000 golf courses from around the globe preloaded onto it, and automatically detects through its GPS technology capabilities which course you are currently on. With the Golf Buddy World GPS Range Finder at hand, you can save time and effort by getting properly informed to make the best shots possible on the course. Stay ahead of the game by knowing distances to and from any point on the current hole, measuring point moves precisely, being aware of how to avoid course hazards, and calculate your own selected targets on each course while you play!

The Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS Range Finder offers the same great features as the Golf Buddy World GPS unit, with additional options for tracking the scores of four players, calculating handicaps, tracking the actual distance of your shots, as well as giving all of the relevant information you need to properly execute each play effectively.

The Golf Buddy Tour GPS Rangefinder is the slightly smaller, more economical model that stores only 20,000 golf course information and 1,000 scores. This model keeps the key essential elements that golfers rely on, such as the automatic course recognition, calculation of driving distances and hazard distances, ability to add additional targets, and even the multilingual capacities that are also featured on both the Golf Buddy World and Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS Range Finders.

Now let’s a closer look at the Golf Buddy World GPS range finder’s special features:

As soon as you turn it on, it automatically connects with local GPS satellites and detects which course you are on, knows when you are on the green, and requests if you want to add the score from the hole. It then switches automatically to the next hole by detecting your surroundings as you move on.

Exact feature specifications:

  • 40,000 worldwide pre-loaded courses
  • convenient swivel holster to help carry it with you
  • 2.7 inch colorful, high resolution touch screen that’s easy to see outdoors
  • recharges easily with its lithium-ion battery
  • zoom in and out of the course views as needed
  • functions to measure distances and point moves, as well as customize your targets
  • case is shock proof and water resistant
  • multiple language menu options

The Burning Question Remains: How Does the Golf Buddy World Perform on the Green?

There are few limitations to this GPS range finder; one worth mentioning is that it takes a little while for the course to load after the device is turned on. Some customers also found that in direct sunlight the screen was still a bit difficult to see, and it’s been suggested that the screen brightness and backlighting could be improved upon.

This GPS unit has many benefits, with incredibly accurate distance tracking that users found extremely helpful during their games. The swivel holster also has been reported to be very handy to wear throughout an entire golf game without getting in the way at all. The battery has stood the test of easily lasting throughout a long game without any problems as well. Golfers love that the Golf Buddy World GPS range finder gives them all of the information they need to pick the right club for their shots, among other things. You can even enter in the exact club that you used on each shot, which you can refer to later in order to improve your game even more. The menus are easy to navigate, and it’s quite easy for anyone to use. There are even free lifetime updates available from Golf Buddy so that your course information remains current.

Compared to the Bushnell Neo and Bushnell XGC GPS rangefinders the main difference lies with the Neo as it is both cheaper and smaller while the XGC offers similar qualities at a similar price. If you are looking for small and affordable we recommend that you take a look at the Neo.

If you would like to combine the qualities of a GPS rangfinder and those of a laser we suggest you also take a look at the Bushnell Hybrid.

Final Verdict:

Any golfing enthusiast would enjoy this helpful GPS range finder, which helps golfers make better decisions on the green. If you find the screen is not very easy to read on a sunny day, consider that some customers have found the Golf Buddy Tour model to have a brighter screen and that may be a better option for you.