Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder: Light and Compact

Bushnell Tour V2

All golfers strive to improve their game, to better their score, and lower their handicap. Beside practice there are a number of different things that can help golfers on their quest to greatness.

One of those things is club selection, knowing when to choose what club for each shot. To have the faith that when you take your next shot you know exactly the distance the ball will fly once you strike it.

When you stand in the middle of the course with your legs tucked in the grass and the ball between your legs with a bunker far down the left side of the course with the green further up also on the left, how will you know the exact distance? What clubs to choose? Well, there is always gut-feeling and experience that comes with playing the game for years or you can just hammer it down the course with your favorite club and see where the ball will end up.

Then again, you can go for a golf range finder that will help you determine the distance to various objects on the course which will help you reduce your handicap and improve the quality of your game.

Take the Guesswork out of the Game with Bushnell Tour V2

Then you can also invest in a rangefinder that will most likely enhance the overall quality of your golf by taking the guesswork out of the game and improve your overall game as you learn how far you hit the ball with each of you clubs. There are currently hundreds of different golf rangefinder products on the market. From Bushnell to Callaway to Nikon to Leupold to name just a few. Then we have the different types of rangefinders with different functions and accuracy.

We have GPS golf rangefinders that use satellite to calculate distances, simple optical rangefinders that use “a line” inside the optics to approximately measure the distance, and then we have the laser based rangefinders that bounce lasers beam of objects to find the distance to that object.

The laser based rangefinders tend to be more expensive that the simple optical “line” rangefinders while the GPS tends to be more expensive that both the other types, depending on the product type and what you want your GPS to do. The laser golf rangefinders tend to be most accurate of the three types.

In this review I am going to give you an overview of the Tour V2 Rangefinder its main features and how it performs. It is a laser rangefinder and one of the most popular golf rangefinders on the market today.

The rangefinder comes in three colors: silver, white, and cherry red and comes at a great discount price from $240 (standard edition) and the slope edition at a price around the $ 280 mark with free delivery if you order right now.

The V2 in Practice

When you use the V2 you simply take it out of your bag and look through the optics. You will see a circle in the middle and once you have searched for your target and found it you simply place the target in thecircle and press a button. The Tour V2 will then display a reading of the distance on a LCD screen in a second or two. The great upside to the Tour V2 is that is does not require a reflective prism to measure the distance like many other laser rangefinders which can often be hard to find on a golf course. Additionally you can choose if you want the reading in yards or meters. The performance in this regard is very effective and accurate as you will only spend about 5 seconds in total to find out an accurate measure for your next shot.

The Tour V2 Rangefinder fits really comfortably in the palm of your hand as you seek out the range for your next shot. It has rubber grip so it is easy to hold it in your hand even if it is wet or moist. It is very light and has a great feel about it. However, when you go over the 350 yard and zoom in to 5X magnification it is a bit shaky and you will have to tuck in your arms to keep it balanced. For me this is not such a big deal because it is still operates very well, it is quick and very accurate and most often you can use it with one arm. According to the manual it can measure distances up to a 1000 yard with great accuracy and can find the flag at 400 yards. I have to admit that I can not tell if this is true or not as I have only tried it at 600 yards, according to the course info, where it gave an impressive 597 yards which is great at that distance. Once you go down to 350 yards the reading is spot on with an error of ± 1-2 yards and the acquisition of the flag becomes very easy.

The Bushnell Tour V2 has two modes you can use and switch between with a push of a button. The first one is the basic mode which allows you to find a hazard or the distance to the pin under normal conditions. The second mode is the popular inbuilt pinseeker technology which is just excellent at finding the flag without inadvertently capturing background as it makes a distinction between the flag and other objects such as trees or a person in the background. This rangefinder therefore does exactly what it is supposed to do: find the flag or a hazard accurately in a matter of seconds. It can also be used in tournaments and is fairly popular among pro golfers.

I just love rangefinders and I feel lacking when I don’t have my Tour V2 with me to assist me with the club selection. The result when I have it with me is that on average I play the round of 18 on fewer shots and as a result my handicap has lowered significantly! If that is not essentially what all golfers want then I don’t know a thing about golf. Additionally, the V2 is very light and compact and it will tell you the distance in a few seconds. Other rangefinders that I have tried out tend to take time to find the flag and sometimes mix up the flag with trees giving you a wrong reading.

The V2 rangefinder also has built-in tripod mount which enables you use it with a tripod if you want to use it outside the golf as it can also be used for hunting or to simply measure distances for what ever purpose you want.

The Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder Slope edition:

The Tour V2 Rangefinder Slope Edition is a more expensive edition of the normal edition. It includes the Bushnell Slope Technology which enables you to measure exact distances uphill or downhill giving compensated measures based on the degree of incline or decline, as increased slope tends to give a slight measurement error. Additionally the Tour V2 Slope Edition has the ability to display multiple ranges while panning. Note that the slope addition is not eligible for tournament play so the general version is something you will want to go for if you plan to use it for tournaments

The Special Edition Patriot Pack:

The Bushnell Tour V2 Special Edition Patriot Pack is the same as the standard edition while including:

Bushnell tour v2-patriot pack

  • 1 Protective Folds of Honor SKINZ
  • Premium carry case
  • Limited edition golf towel

The part of the extra cost of the patriot pack goes to Folds of Honor Foundation to provide educational scholarships to the families of American soldiers killed or wounded in battle.

The Battery of The Tour V2:

The Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder require a 3-volt battery to operate which you can charge after you use it. This might be the only real downside to the great product and that is the battery life as those batteries will have to be replaced in a year or two. The Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder is however great on the course and the batteries will last you the day.