Bushnell Pro 1M Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Bushnell Pro 1m

Professional is the first word that comes to mind when you pick up the new rangefinder from Bushnel. The PRO 1M which was released in 2012, along with the new rangefinder in the Tour line the Bushnell Tour Z6, will take quality and professionalism to a new level of the promise is anything to go by.

Both are packed with new features – Power-boost, vivid display tecnology, and more – and if Bushnell keep up their tradition of producing quality when it comes to range finders the 1M and Z6 will not disappoint.

First impression

The first thing you notice when you pick the PRO 1M (tournament edition) up is the sturdy feel of it, it is well built and you get the impression it will last for some time. It is well balanced and gives a good grip and the optics are crystal clear with a nice crisp image.

Bushnell gives a promise of pinpoint accuracy and combined with the PinSeeker it is supposed to capture the flag from 550 yards and can perform up to a mile, which to be fair is a bit exstream for golfing purposes.

New features

There are some new features introduced with the M1 and Z6 that are very welcomed, such as adding battery life time with a power boost feature, fixing the battery door problem that has been a big bug with some Bushnell products to date, and introducing a new technology called vivid display technology.

Most of us have tried to see the reading on the display during a sunny day, not very easy. That is why Bushnell has introduced the vivid display technology – displaying the readings in red color – allowing weather conditions to be a non-factor in trying to determine the range of the flag pole. With different levels of brightness, the rangefinder will be useful in any situation, on any course.

Bushnell Pro 1m-inside

With a waterproof casing and RainGuard lens, the Pro 1M will be able to precisely do its job, even on the wettest course.

The 7x magnification is a great feature which allows us to zoom in when the getting a reading from a distance which will reduce stress on your eyes and is great for those that have limited eyesight.

Slope Edition

Bushnell has introduced the PRO 1M in two models, the tournament certified and the non-tournament certified slope edition. The slope edition will allow the golfer to adjust for differences based on the incline of a slope. A flag pole that is 140 yards away and has a 5 degree incline will play as if it has a 148 yard distance.

For those that are not sure if they should get the slope or tournament edition should know editions are excellent so their really is no right or wrong answer here.

If you don´t mind not being able to use the rangefinder for tournaments then the slope is a good option. It can be used to help you get a better understanding of the game and how to measure distance with slope. 


First when you use the Pro 1M you feel the quality and finding the flag through a straight line is effortless upto 400 yards but between the 400 and 500 yards might become less so for those that have shaky hands or eyesight that is on the decline. That does however apply to all other rangefinders on the market so nothing new there.

What impressed us the most and what takes the 1M beyond the Leupold GX-3 is how great it is at finding the flag. With the GX-3 I am not always sure if it found the flag or if it was something in the background that was measured (note: Leupold GX-3 is my favorite rangefinder and is excellent overall). With the 1M the feel of it is different and you don´t get the feeling that you need to measure again.

We did not really find the need to measure from a mile but I am sure it can be done if someone finds use for it on the golf course. We also found the rangefinder to be very accurate and was accurate to +/-1 yard from 20-500 yards.


Accuracy: The accuracy featured in this model is +/- 1 yard.

Durability: The quality and durability of Bushnell products is unmatched. This rangefinder provides a tough exterior, providing durability if dropped. The Pro 1M is also waterproof, so when it rains on the course, there will be no damage done to the rangefinder.

Extras: The rangefinder comes with a 3-volt battery and a premium carrying case.

Far Ranging Performance: The 1 mile ranging performance offered allows for an accurate reading from as far as 550 yards to the flag.

Magnification: Magnification is important to get an accurate range. The Pro 1M features a 7x magnification, to help pinpoint the flag stick much easier.

PinSeeker Technology: This technology allows for accurate acquisition of the flag stick. This works by accurately blocking any background interferences, allowing the rangefinder to zero in on the target.

PowerBoost: PowerBoost is a newly designed technology presented by Bushnell. This allows the Pro 1M to maximize its battery life, providing for 35% more usage.

RainGuard Lens: The lens of the Pro 1M is coated with an HD RainGuard.

Secure Battery Door: Bushnell provides a posi-thread battery door, which allows for a secure battery.

Slope Technology: You can choose to go with the more expensive Slope technology that allows the rangefinder to fully compensate for the elevations of the course. This particularly helps when an area has many slopes, allowing for a precise reading every time.

Tour Certified: Fully legal for tournament play for the non-slope version in accordance with the golf range finder rule.

Vivid Display Technology: Incorporating VDT allows for accurate target identification in virtually all lighting conditions. The bright level display provides the option to change the rangefinder’s intensity to match the course’s current brightness level. This provides unparallelled accuracy, regardless of the current visibility conditions.

Warranty: Bushnell provides a standard 2 year warranty on the Pro 1M.

Final verdict

The Bushnell Pro 1M is a professional rangefinder for those that want quality and accuracy. It is well built and has some great features that make this rangefinder an excellent addition to the golf equipment arsenal.