Bushnell Neo: Simple and Effective


The Bushnell Neo Plus GPS Rangefinder is a great yet unique GPS rangefinder which is both compact and easy to use at a great price.

This is the smallest GPS golf rangefinder on the market today. It will give you the distance measures for the front, center and back of the green with the additional ability to calculate your shot distance.

It has 16,000 American courses pre-loaded and you can store up to ten courses at once or you can opt in for the $30 yearly membership with iGolf which enables you to download up to 100 courses a year. This is a simple jet effective GPS rangefinder with easy interface and can be used on a variety of courses around the globe.

How Does The Bushnell Neo Plus Work in practice?

In practice the Bushnell Neo Plus is very simple. You plug the it to a computer and download the required software and search for your favorite courses, either the $30 a year iGolf courses or the pre-loaded courses that are included. You can than transfer up to ten of your favorite courses on to your device. If you go for the iGolf subscription the other 90 will be stored on your computer for you to keep and use when you want to. You can then update the rangefinder when ever you require.

When you arrive to the course you simply take the Neo up and press the power button to set in on and choose the course your are about to play. It will then give you the yardage/meters for the hole you are playing. You can then scroll between holes with the up and down arrows. Simple jet effective.

When you compare it to other rangefinders on the market you have to take into account the the price. A high end laser rangefinder, such as the Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder, will cost you a price starting at around $230 which is more than double what the Bushnell Neo will cost you, or the Bushnell Hybrid which is rangefinder that is both a GPS and laser starting at $384.

The rangefinder is simple, easy to use and does a great job at what it suppose to do. The verdict is that if you don´t want to spend all your money on a laser rangefinder – which is more accurate and versatile – but want to improve your golf by taking the guess work out of the game it is the right rangefinder for you and is a great golf accessory that will improve your game.

Features and useful information on the Bushnell Neo

The Neo has great battery life – 16 hours according to Bushnell – which will easily last you a round of 18 and it takes a very short time to charge with rechargeable batteries

  • The Neo adheres to USGA rules
  • Auto course recognition
  • Is compact and water resistant
  • Includes a belt clip