Bushnell Medalist

Bushnell Medalist Golf Range Finder

The Bushnell Medalist Laser Range finder is among the better laser range finder on the market within the price range.

It is therefore excellent for those that want to save some money but are still looking for a accurate range finder that has the popular built-in PinSeeker technology.

This product is recommended for those that are new to golf and will, if used correctly, lower their score and handicap. It has good battery life, is accurate, and fits well in the palm of your hand.


Bushnell Medalist Laser Range finder Overview

The Bushnell Medalist Laser Range finder is in the lower range of the Bushnell laser range finders and has been very popular among golfers that want a cheap, jet reliable, golf range finder compared to the more expensive Bushnell Tour V2 and Bushnell Hybrid Range finders.

Magnification: The Bushnell Medalist has 4x magnification which is not as strong as the Tour V2 which has 5x magnification but 4x is not to bad and will function very well in most ranges.

Range: Can measure range from 5 to 1,000 yards. If you want to find the flag you might have go down to 250 yards depending on the condition and slope. During our test we found the flag without problems at 300 yards under perfect conditions but once there was a slope and the weather became any thing other than perfect the range went down to 280 and lower.

Battery: This is a strong point for the Medalist as compared to the Bushnell Tour V2 which has had its issues with battery life of the 3V. The Bushnell Medalist uses a 9V replaceable batteries that you can buy anywhere and are cheaper than the 3V. Just remember to have a spare pack of batteries with you when you take the Medalist to the course.

Accuracy: The Medalist is very accurate but it tends to be slower than the Bushnell Tour V2 and the Bushnell Hybrid. It is not as compact either but when it comes to function and accuracy it delivers. When we compared the measures of all three they all showed the same measures within 1 -/+ yards. The great built-in PinSeeker technology shows its true worth and finds the flag under most difficult circumstances as long as you are within 250 yards from the flag.

Orientation: The Medalist is used horizontally while the Tour V2 is used vertically. Which one is better is a matter of personal preference.

Measures: The Bushnell Medalist weights only 9 ounces and is therefore very light and fits well in your hand.

Warranty: Comes with a standard 2-year warranty.

Screen: Has a LCD screen that shows either meters or yards.

Tournament play: Yes, the Bushnell Medalist is legal for tournament play.

Point and Shoot

The Bushnell Medalist Laser Range finder does have the three modes which it uses to find the targets under any environment or condition on the golf course.

Scan: This is a basic feature which allows you to scan the course while getting instant reading of measures on the LCD screen.

Rain: This is a great feature and a big plus for the Medalist as it allows you to scan and get a reading even through rain and snow.

Reflector: This mode can be used when there are objects on the course that are far away but are very reflective. This will thus allow you to increase the yardage which you can measure those objects from.

Pinseeker: Finding the pin or the flag is very fast and easy.

The Verdict

The Bushnell Medalist is therefore a good but not great rangefinder that comes at a price that is affordable and is recommended for those that are new to golf as the Medalist can rally help you lower your score.

  • Good for price
  • Accuracy
  • Small size
  • Battery life is good
  • Built-in PinSeeker


  • Takes a bit long to get a reading
  • Have to go down to 250 yards to find the flag
  • Case can be very flimsy