Bushnell Hybrid


The Bushnell Hybrid is a high-end golf rangefinder which combines the best of both worlds of GPS and laser rangefinders into one comprehensive unit.

If you are looking for quality when it comes to rangefinders and if you are prepared to pay the extra cost, compared to cheaper laser and GPS range finders, then the Bushnell Hybrid is sure enough the best rangefinder on the market today.

The Hybrid is a fine innovation that will surely not disappoint when it comes to performance on the course.


Innovation at it finest from Bushnell in this great one of a kind laser/GPS combo.  The Bushnell Hybrid using the laser will give you the range at up to 1,000 yards with exceptional accuracy. You will be able to find hazards, trees, the pin, and other objects within seconds which will help you greatly with your club selection.

The GPS with the 16,000 pre loaded North American Courses will then give you distance measures when you have a blind shot, when you need to know the distance to the middle, front, and back of the green, or just general information about the course you are playing.

As a result the Bushnell Hybrid Pin-seeker offers great combination of both Laser and GPS rangefinder and is the first rangefinder on the market that offers this combination.

If you are prepared to pay the price you can not go wrong with the Bushnell Hybrid. If you have tried a rangefinder – GPS, laser or optical – then you will know how important a rangefinder is to your golf as the fact is that when it comes to club selection nothing beats a good rangefinder. A good rangefinder is guaranteed to lower your score, if you know how to use one.


Often compared to the highly popular Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder which will offer you great accuracy and a price (starting at $230) that is well bellow the Bushnell Hybrid while other GPS rangefinders such as the Bushnell Neo (starting at $79) will offer you informatin about the green and when it comes to blind shots but can´t offer the accuracy that laser rangefinders offer. With the Bushnell Hybrid you will combine the best of both worlds which is a great combination.

The first thing you notice about the Hybrid is its size. It is rather large and it took some time to get used to that but we got there eventually. If you are used to the small Bushnell Neo this will be a big change but the combination of laser and GPS is well worth it. You can shoot at hazards with the laser and get a good and accurate reading of how to avoid the dangers on the course and then use the GPS to get a reading of the green to help you out with the short play to help you get as close as possible to the hole.


  • Accurate
  • compact
  • very quick
  • easy to use
  • versatile
  • has both GPS and laser
  • GPS pre-loaded with 16,000 courses and
  • no yearly fees


  • Larger than most rangefinders,
  • battery life might be better