Bushnell 5×20 Golf Scope Rangefinder

Bushnell 5×20 Golf Scope Rangefinder

The Bushnell 5×20 Golf Scope Rangefinder is a lower end golf rangefinder for golfers that can be used to measure the distance to the pin or other objects without spending $400 on a GPS or laser rangefinders.

The Bushnell 5×20 Golf
Scope is a great option for those that want to get a cheap rangefinder that does the job. The 5×20 Golf Scope is a handheld rangefinder with 5x magnification and 20 millimeter object lens. It is very cheap at around $17 which can be reflected in the over all quality, limits, and functions of the 5×20 Golf Scope as its viewing range is only from 50 to 200 yards with limited accuracy (compared to the Bushnell Tour V2 Laser Rangefinder). In this review I am going outline the pros and cons of the Bushnell 5X20 Golf Scope.

Bushnell 5X20 Golf Scope On the Course

First I want to make it clear that I highly recommend for all golfers to have a rangefinder as a part of their golf accessories because a rangefinder will lower your score and increase the overall quality of your game. A higher end golf rangefinder, such as the Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder, will tell help you immensely with your club selection. For those that are not sure if they want a rangefinder or don´t want to spend a fortune on one the Bushnell 5×20 Golf Scope Rangefinder is a great option for only $17. It is also a great gift for any golfer that doesn’t own a rangefinder and would like to get the feel for one before they buy a more expensive version.

The Price

For its price it is very good. It is extremely light and can be held with one hand and fits nicely into your pocked or in your golf bag. It includes a hand strap and has a titanium finish and a nice rubber grip.

It costs only $19.90 at Amazon which is a great price.


  • Accuracy: when there you are 100-200 yards from the pin with a clear view on the flag it will give a very accurate reading.
  • No batteries: when you are on the course with the either a laser or a GPS rangefinders they will need some kind of a charge and if you forget to charge it you can risk it going dead in the middle of a course. With the Bushnell 5×20 Golf Scope this is not a problem as it is optic based only.
  • Price: as has been mentioned the 5×20 is very cheap and can be bought either as a cheap first option or as backup for your more expensive rangefinder.
  • Easy to use: it only takes you a few seconds to get a measure of the distance to the flag as it is very light and you can get a reading with one hand.

If you keep in mind what the 5×20 is for the price you will be very happy with it. There are better golf rangefinders on the market that or more powerful and accurate but they will cost way more.

Conclusion: The Bushnell 5×20 Scope Rangefinder is perfect for those that want a cheap rangefinder that does a good job at finding distances.