Bushnell 1500

Notice: The Bushnell 1500 has been replaced by the Bushnell Medalist Laser Rangefinder (See here for a Bushnell Medalist review).

Bushnell 1500The very first thing you will notice when you pick up the Bushnell Yardage Pro Laser Rangefinder Elite1500 is  how compact it is. Built like a tank with rubber housing and is completely waterproof  and performs in any possible condition. That is what Bushnell tells us and that is how it performs, this is one of the strongest and most compact rangefinder that you can find when it comes to golf.

The Bushnell 1500 is built for hunters but has been very popular with golfers due to its strong built and phenomenal accuracy.

It has three ranging modes that make it exceptional among rangefinders and gives it the edge over other products on the market. Some of the features are specifically there for hunting but have proofed very effective for golf.

The Bushnell 1600 features a laser that can with accuracy measure from five to 1,600 yards with +/1 one yard according Bushnell. When we tested it was very accurate and very close to what they say. It had some problems after 800 yards with the flag but normally you should not need such a reading when playing golf. In addition it has a 7x magnification, 100% waterproof and comes with a two year limited warranty. It is worth mentioning that it is powered by a 9-volt battery that is included when you buy the Bushnell 1500. Note that this is a very large positive for some people that do not like problems with batteries and having a Rangefinder with no power. The 9-volt batteries are affordable and you can buy them anywhere.

Bushnell 1500 on the field:

The three modes are the following:

  • Scan mode
  • BullsEye Mode
  • Brush Mode

The scan mode is the view you would normally use when just viewing the course. In this mode you can scan across the course in continuous mode while getting constant feedback on the LCD screen of the measure of the distance between you the the chosen target. This is very effective and works very well when you are just scanning the course.

BullsEye mode is when you want to get a read of specific things such as the flag the the BullsEye mode is just fantastic (PinSeeker mode). If you want to find the pin without getting the reading from a tree in the background the Bushnell 1500 in BullsEye Mode does that without any fuss. In this mode the background is dismissed and it gives you the reading of the object that is closer to you. Very effective and accurate.

Brush Mode is when you want to get distance reading of things in the background and ignore the foreground then the Brush Mode comes into play. If you want to get a reading without capturing bushes or nearby trees then this mode will give the reading without any problems.

The three modes are very good and give the Bushnell 1500 the edge over other rangefinders in the market. It gives you total control to measure the distance to exactly the thing that you want to get the reading on in any environment. They are however very easy to use, very accurate and for those that do not want complicated things or short battery life, or a rangefinder that is very compact and near bulletproof when it comes to durance and strenght then the Bushnell 1500 will not disappoint.