Callaway Quad Net

When it comes to golf practice nets the Callaway Quad Net is a great option, especially if you have a golf simulator – like the Dancin Dogg – or if you simply want to practice golf at home.

The Callaway Quad comes in two different types, the 8 feet Callaway Quad Net at a price from $163.9 and the Callaway Home Range Hitting net at $149. That is significantly less expensive than the Net Return for golf but the 8-feet quad net can be compared to the Net Return when it comes to strength and professional use.

callaway quad net

The Callaway 8 Feet Hitting Net

The 8-feet hitting net is a strong and compact hitting net that covers 8-feet of hitting area. It is very easy to set up and comes with a carry bag so it is easy to move between places. When you hit the net the balls are returned to the front of the net which makes it easy to collect the balls.

If you are going for a strong hitting net that will last even if you use it every day than the 8-feet is something that you will want to consider. It is so easy to set up and take down and you will be able to do so on your own in no time. It is also amazing how convenient the net returns the ball back to the front of the net. This net does not come with a hitting mat so you might want to consider to add that as well if you plan on using it to its full effect.

When it comes to the Callaway 8-feet hitting net you will get what you pay for, a strong, durable, compact, easy to set up hitting net that is great for those that are serious about their golf. It is more expensive than the Callaway 6-feet version but you will also get more for your money when it comes to durability and size.

You should also be aware that the net is very small on the ground and will not require as much space as some other hitting nets in this price range.

The Callaway Home Range Hitting net

The home range hitting net is a six-foot square hitting net that and includes a lunch zone hitting mat. This is a smaller version of the 8-foot Callaway Quad net and is designed to be easy to set up and with the nylon carry bag is portable.

If you are looking for a small hitting net that is portable and comes with a hitting mat this might be the thing for you. But be aware that this is in the lower price range and is not as strong and compact as the more expensive hitting nets. The bull´s eye of the target is not very strong and will wear if hit with full power. The hitting mat is not very strong either but will do if you do not practice every day.

If you are serious about golf and plan on using the hitting net every day the home range hitting mat is not something what we recommend.