Monster Tee Golf Turf

monster tee golf turf

One of the best golf mats on the market today is the Monster Tee Golf Turf golf mat which offers durability and strength that can be used with all your clubs. This is one of those products that has great value for the price. Its main strength is in the built. Strong and will last for years, for more info on golf mats check out the golf spy.

Why Go for A Golf Mat?

The game of golf has a great following of enthusiasts from all around the world. People, who some might describe as elites and gentry from their individual societies.

Actually, these same people might also be tagged, boring or ho-hum! The reason is simple; you have to be a really wonderful fellow, to be able to put up with a game like golf. You travel some miles, pay a hefty sum, and then put up with a standing arrangement, take a stroll into thick woodlands; scorched in the sun.

All in order to watch some dudes hit some holes!

How can anyone find this attractive? This is altogether too much for some people to take all in. They just find it difficult to figure out why we love what we love. But, to no one we owe any explanation. Life is not all about shouts, glitz and injuries. This is a gentleman’s game. After all, we have our own fair share of excitement and passionate moments too!

Nevertheless, every sport has its tools and gadgets, whatever enhances mastery and effectiveness. And for such, golf is no exception. The game is abundantly replete with many wonderful stuffs that will help give your play a notch up forward.

Hence, we have simulated golf mats. These are fairways imitations, enabling you to practice your game anywhere you desire. They are mobile, golf-in-the-hand-kind-of –arrangement. The advantage is, there are no more space and time limitations, you can easily roll out your mat, and instantly set up your own private golf course, be it at home, garage, board room, bed room, hotel room anywhere.


The surface of the mat (your grass) is made with 100% of spring crimpled nylon material. This is an ingenuity touch that will prevent your turf from fading, bunching or even staining your driving clubs. The mat itself is 1.250″ thick, giving you an ankle deep feel of the surface. It can even withstand repeated match-ups and constant use, thanks to its solid urethane backing.

You won’t have a need for special tees like rubber, and you can use any driving club you so desire.

Monster Tee Golf Turf’s fiber is dense and ‘bushy’ enough to make you feel the divot and the impacting shock of your release as if you are on the real field. No bouncing before take-off and no mishit shots, this mat makes for a real down and through hit. And what’s more? The dimension, at 60 X 48X 1.5 is small enough to fit in to the trunk of your car, whenever you want to hit the road. It might be little on the high side for some, but still $130 will not make you go poor.


The golf mat has all the things we look for in a golf mat. Durability, strength, and can therefore be used for years with all your clubs. It is a great performer and you will get what you pay for.

Compared to the Fairway Pro Golf Mat System and the Durapro Golf Mats it might not have as many features but the price does reflect this. If you are looking for a durable product at a price around $120 this is the best one out there. If you want more features and are prepared to pay the price I recommend that you consider the two products mentioned above.

Final Verdict

Anyone who wants to have consistent access to practice and training should seriously consider Monster Tee Golf Turf. Why settling for the second best, when you can have the best itself. Look no further, millions of other users from all around the world can’t be all wrong.