Fairway Pro Golf Mat System

Fairway Pro Golf Mat System was made especially for those golfers who are serious about taking their game to the next level. It is meant for those who truly appreciate and fully understand the importance and necessity of effective practice. This brand of golfing mats has a top tray that will always slide forward whenever a contact is made with ball by the club. This reaction, recreates what a natural turf will do. It will provide the ability to hit down-and-through, making you to experience the exact feeling you will have if on the fairway, properly hitting a divot.


Reliable feedback:

Fairway Pro Golf Mat System will react and give you feedback as if you were to be on a real grass turf.

The tray attached to the mat will slide to the front slightly when the club makes a contact, preventing reverberating shock and potential injury, to the golfer’s body and at the same time, making you to release the ball, naturally for a prefect delivery.

Compact and mobile:

The importance of this feature is better realized when you have to be always on the move. The mat is so portable and compact, that you can take it anywhere you go.


The materials are made from the enduring air-craft aluminum, which makes them light in weight, enduring and strong. The sliding turf is also strong enough to hold any regular tee, and you can even get it replaced for a price as low $29.95.

Strength under Pressure:

The entire mat is securely held to the ground by a layer of high-grip rubber texture underneath. With a compact mass of 10 lbs, it prevents the mat to shift or budge from the momentum coming to the turf and without you having to re-align the pad.


Fairway Pro Golf Mat System is made from high quality aluminum grade material. This makes the mat strong, light and durable. It measures 36 X 24 inches, and this size allows for its compactness and portability for easy mobility and carriage, anywhere.


The mat gives you the confidence to hit the ball at a driving range. No more need to change your swing in order to avoid injury, neither is it necessary to top off the golf ball to prevent the eventual body shock. The surface is custom-made to look and release the ball like natural turf. Though instead of real divots, the turf slides forward, the experiences are still comparatively similar to what you get with the real deal.

With the mat, you get to play any shot you like, with any club you choose. You gain mastery of little details about your game that could take countless of hours on the field, under scorching sun. It gives real and great feedback for an attack angle, giving you a true feel. An important way to feel, hear and see what other great tour players are doing day in day out.

The only drawback traceable to this amazing tool is that, as with other simulations, it may take a little while to fully get a hang of, for some people it may take few hours, for some few days. However, the more time you spend hitting those balls, the more mastery of it you get.

Final Verdict

The overall value of Fairway Pro Golf Mat System is precipitated on the fact that the more you practice as a golfer the more you improve your game. The product is not meant for those who would rather enjoy the scenery of the course than be a master of their game.

Is not for those who enjoy golfing more than practicing. But, for those who relish the idea of honing their skills and work towards being better day by day, the mat is for them. It is made with you in mind; why not give it shot, to get your groove back.