Dura-Pro Plus Golf Mats

 “the best golfing mat ever made”

dura-pro-plus-golf-matsIt sounds rather boastful, and almost rambunctious, when a manufacturer declares as a matter of fact that “ours is the best golfing mat ever made“.

You begin to wonder if the optimism is not too far-fetched. Well, if the manufacturer now happened to be the maker of Dura-Pro Plus Golf Mats, then you start respecting every word of that statement and few golf mats really compare to the quality offered, except for Fairway Pro golf mats which is another measure of quality when it comes to golf mats.

The Price… and the 8 year warranty!

The Dura Pro Golf Mats come in different sizes and different types depending on how you are going to use the mats. The . The different types range from the Residential for home use, to Premium Commercial for more advanced use, and the Spring Tech for exceptional quality. This is of course reflected in the sales prices with the residential mat being the lowest priced while the Spring Tech the most expensive.

We have found the residential to be quite enough for simple home use. The quality of the material is very high while they are also very durable and strong. All mats come with a stunning 8 year warranty!

Why Dura Pro?

The introduction of Dura-Pro Plus Golf Mats to golf couldn’t have come at a better time. It emerged as a long lasting solution to a persistent headache that has plagued all golfers from around the world. An age long despair of passionate golfers was the closing period of a golf session.

The moment when the final whistle to call it a day is sounded. Then, you see some, being practically dragged off the pitch. Some others will just shrug their shoulders in defiant optimism; promising with a promise that tomorrow is another day. But as many soon later admit, that tomorrow may never materialize.

A call outside town might come, the weather might be bad, and a child might call in sick. There are one million and one reasons why people will always want to take the best advantage of the now, especially when in the ‘zone’, or just hitting the balls to correct some handicaps.

However, when the first simulation golf mat was introduced, it was instantly embraced by all in the game. It presents the first real opportunity to practically take the game of golf around with you, in your hand, trunk, or garage. Unfortunately, many soon became disillusioned by the potentials of these toys. Many of these products, though brilliant in their conception were so big-mouthed and hyped, that they fail to fulfill all expectations.

Some are so coarse and rough, others blatantly dangerous and constitute health hazards. That is why, when a more well thought out and ingeniously designed Dura-Pro Plus Golf Mats came on the scene, it instantly became like an oasis of water in the desert.

People now have a real shot at actually carrying the golf course along with them. Let the whistle man blow all he wanted, people can just smile, take a walk to their car/truck, happily knowing the story continues at home, garage, balcony, hotel room, wherever they choose.

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Dura-Pro Plus Golf Mat possesses so many features, attributes and grits that will always, easily make its peers green with envy. For example:

Color-fast fabric design:

This ensures that the clubs, upon impact with the surface of the mat, are left without discoloration. Your club, hit it for as long as you want, will not get stained.

Quality Manufacturing Process:

The mats are in-house-made with 100% knitted Nylon with composite fiber. There is special intention to exclude Poly Mats materials entirely. These make them to last longer, resist tear, fading, curling and separation. Additionally, they are 30% more dense than other mats surface, and could be used on hard surfaces or grass.

Tee Holder:

The mats come prepackaged with 2 rubber Tees and additional One 2 “Friction Fit Tee Holder which can be readjusted to suit your height.


The Mats are 5/8″ thick, making them to possess great feel and outstanding inbuilt technology, making them to absorb shock upon impact. It comes even with 8 years UV Protection Manufacturer Warranty.

Iron Use:

The mat can be used with Iron clubs. No Shock or Bounce, with real divot simulation.


The mat is outstanding with its innovativeness, real feel technology, durability and thickness. The varying degree of its size makes it flexible enough for user to choose and make their pick, base on what suits them. It works nicely on all terrain and also comes packaged with various valuable inclusions like, free golf balls, tees, tees-holder and even free shipping!

Add to the fact that it is really easy to master. This is unarguably the best deal anyone can hope for when looking for the best golf mat. There are two varying types of these mats: Indoors (Residential) and Commercial. The Residential mats will be great for wedges and iron for chipping within an enclosed boundary, while the Commercial editions will need to be setup in a large, spacious setting. These kinds of mats will allow you to fully take advantage of the divot simulations and enjoy full swings.

The best commendation will be from its timing population of users, with comments like: “This is just what I needed. I wanted to measure actual ball flight and that is hard to do at the range. This mat and a 100 yard tape allow me to fine tune my short game.” One other user noted that: “This is an excellent high quality golf mat. I’ve shopped around the internet and this is the best product for the money. The mat is very close to firm fairways and comfortable to use.

However, noticeable disadvantages are the price of the mat and the weight of the supplied ball. Some might think that the price is too much (yes they are!). One Dura-Pro Plus Golf Mat might set you back to the tune of $269. However, comparing with other alternatives available in the market, they come-out to be the best savvy investment after all, duration and quality-wise. Also, to be significantly noted is the weighty size of the balls that come with the mat. They might be heavy to drive for some and could make the flight distance range too difficult to determine. Aside these negligible defects, the mats are a great buy.


Dura-Pro Mats are made from the finest materials available in the market to deliver optimum result in all scenarios. The surface is made with 130 oz Nylon Face. With a weight that is 1-1.25″ thick. It is famously known to be 30% more ‘bushy’ than other mats. It comes also in various sizes and shapes. There are 4′ X 5′ mats, 3′ X 5′ mats and there are even 1′ X 2’mats. It could be used indoors, or outdoors, wherever you wish, it suits and works well on all terrain.

Final Verdict

Quality assurance statements from the maker of Dura-Pro Plus Golf Mats are not just empty statements or mere sales gimmicks. They are backed up with highly tested, quality-conscious and thoroughly made products, with utmost attention to details. You will be doing your game and groove a lot of good if you can get one of those mats today.