Golf is an outdoor game, and one allure that drives people into the game, is the opportunity of walking around with nature for hours. Many found the escape from the noise of the city so rewarding that they took interest in the game of golf; thereby surrounding themselves with nothing but healthy atmosphere, a spread of nature, providing fresh air, and compelling landscape. However, there comes a time when it will become absolutely impossible to visit a practice ground. During winters for example, you don’t want to be found, freezing away with your stick, hanging over your shoulder.

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Consider the occasional unplanned emergencies, sometimes because of your work, that will prevent you from practicing the game you love. No matter who you are, where you work or how much you love the game, you will not always be making the trip to hit those balls. Thus, there is a need to develop a workaround towards bringing the game of golf closer to where you will always have access. Even professional golfers, who sometimes, found themselves always on the road, are looking for ways to work on their weaknesses and perfect their game wherever they are.

One major way to recreate golf courses and bring the field to your house is to get yourself some golf mats. Golf mats are the driving range cushion that you can put anywhere you like. And take along with you even when on the road, away from home. So cute and manageable are these mats that they can fit anywhere; be it your living room, backyard, etc. It saves you cost of driving to the practice range all the time, and you get the chance to always practice, till whenever you want, improving your game, one day at time.

Benefits of Golf Mats

Golfers are known to always want to perfect their swings. This is why you will see an enthusiastic player, working till late in the dark, just in case the next hit will be perfect. So, whenever technology offers solutions such as this, it always appreciated. Back over the years, the only way available for a player to learn how to play was to hire a pro and pay for the green fees. Indoor golf mats, therefore make it unnecessary to pay huge amount of money to learn the game.

Also, professional players of the game will find the driving range golf mat useful. It allows them the opportunity to master different part of their game, and because of its mobility, anywhere they are found. Golf mats are designed to mimic the feel and texture of golf courses. They have rubber base that will give a semblance of a layer of soil.

As there are different areas and terrain on a golf course, so also, golf mats are made to reflect these variations and recreate a near-perfect course experience. All a golfer needs to do will be to select the mat that represents his area of his challenge and create an opportunity to keep practicing on that until he gains mastery.

Things to Know Before Buying a Golf Mat

There are important things that are expedient for you know before going out to buy your next mat. First of all make sure you have made ready a place in your house where the mat will fit in. It might be in the garage, and if it is going to stay out door, like in a garden. Make sure the space can also accommodate your golf hitting net, take a look at out golf net reviews here.

When you are making the decision to buy a golf mat, never choose a used, spent or recycled one. Rather, go for new mats with enough fibers and foam. This will make the mat to; more accurately depict the grass of the course. Also, such new mats will make your stance and posture to be really improved, while adequately mimicking the natural contours of the ground. When buying your mat, consider going for thick and solid mats. It is common to find mats that will be as 2 inches thick. You will appreciate the real feel when you start hitting down the balls, especially with wooden tees.


Golf mats are essentially needed to recreate the golf course experience, and allow you the opportunity of practicing at your own convenience. There different categories of mats as there are various uses and needs for them. There are chipping mats that you can use in your living room. While there is drive-range mats meant for outdoors practice. Golf mats are no real replacements of the field experience. At best they are just simulators. However, when used well, they can serve their purpose and prove useful in your quest for mastery and perfect swings.

Major Brands of Golf Mats in the Market

Highlighted below are major brands of mats you might find useful when making a decision to buy one.

Stance Mat from Fairwaypro

This unique mat provides a firm and comfortable grip when standing to make a hit. It complements greatly, with Fairwaypro driving range for home use. The mat comes at different sizes and dimension, like 36″ (L) x 48″ (W) 1 3/8″ (H).True Strike Brand: These mats are known to represent and vividly depicts a fairway experience.

These mats have ruckable top surface and their divots are filled with gels which means that there will be a near perfect simulation of a natural field of play. There are various models of True Strike brands like MKVI and Winter Tee, etc, all with distinct advantages and appeals.

Real Feel Golf Mat is another popular and most used golf mats in the market. According to the manufacturer, the mat gives true divot action and provides no bounce. More importantly, these brands of mats are created with fiber system that will eliminate bounce and try to estimate effectively, the feel of a proper fairway.


This is also a popular brand of indoor golfing mats. These brands of mats are usually hand-fabricated, and make use of bonding technique that will make the mats stronger and more enduring. There are various models like: Commercial golf driving mats, Rough chip mats and Tee-line. Commercial driving mats replicate the driving range with thick and pad that is able to absorb shocks from clubs. The tee-line models are the thickest of all the brands, and will hold a wooden tee, while the rough chip is made for those golfers who can’t practice wedges off a normal driving mat. It has artificial grass to simulate the roughness of typical grass.

Final Verdict

As there are diverse needs for golf mats, also there are various brands available. They come in different names, sizes and makes. You need to do your own due diligence and consider which of them will perfectly suit your needs and serve its purpose. However, one thing is clear and certain, no matter where you are in the game, either as a Pro or an enthusiast amateur, having a golf mat will do you a lot of good and bring excellence to your ability and skills.