Reviewing the TaylorMade R11 Driver Series

Taylor made R11sSelecting a driver that’s perfectly suited to you can greatly improve your golf game and that is exactly what TaylorMade have done with the R11 Drivers.

TaylorMade has a high reputation of producing quality clubs that are well worth considering. The first TaylorMade R11 driver gained a lot of attention for its adjustability, allowing golfers to fine tune their drivers.

The standard R11 model is recommended primarily for players with a mid to low range handicap, and the newer R11 S and R11 S TP drivers will be appreciated the most by those with lower handicaps.

If you are looking for an adjustable driver that is perfect for high handicap players you should consider the TaylorMade Rocketballz Driver.

Let’s examine the special features of the TaylorMade R11 driver series, including the R11 S, and new R11 S TP Drivers.

Graphite shaft

Important aspects to consider in any golf driver are the materials it’s made of, especially when it comes to the club’s shaft. Some golf professionals claim the shaft can be the most important feature of the entire club.

The older TaylorMade R11, the R11 S, and also the R11 S TP driver all have graphite shafts, a popular material that most golfers trust because it’s more lightweight and shock absorbent than materials like steel, for example. Graphite is highly durable, and due to its lightweight nature it allows for faster, easier swings as well.

All of these drivers have special features that can definitely straighten your shots and add greater distance to your drives by letting you make intelligent adjustments to your club.


The TaylorMade R11 driver introduced the following great features:

  • 48 total setting combinations to set up your driver head perfectly so you can set it up perfectly to fit your style
  • 440 cc (cubic capacity) head weight that remains stable on impact
  • “Flight Control Technology” that allows you to change your loft angle up or down by one degree total with eight different settings, to add more distance to your shots.
  • “Adjustable Sole Plate” gives the benefit of adjusting the face angle without having to adjust the driver’s loft angle. The sole plate allows the face angle to change into one of three positions: 2 degrees open, 2 degrees closed, or neutral/square. The same face angle is available with up to three different loft angle settings. The adjustable sole plate and flight control technology used together allow up to four degrees of change for the face angle of the club. As a result, you have the freedom to adjust your side-to-side trajectory up to nearly 100 yards.
  • “Moveable Weight Technology” lets you change the center of gravity on the driver. The standard R11 comes with 2 weight cartridges, one weighing 10 grams and the other weighing 1 gram. Golfers that prefer a neutral bias while playing would install the 10 gram weight in the toe of the club, which promotes a much straighter ball flight path for most players. For a draw bias, you should install the 10 gram weight into the heel instead. Golfers who prefer an even more neutral bias can purchase 4 gram and 6 gram weights separately that are also compatible with the R11 driver.
  • The attractive white colored crown is for much more then the appearance. This matte white color effectively reflects all sunlight to eliminate “hot spots;” a common problem of gloss finished metal and wooden clubs. The matte finish also minimizes additional glare on your eyes when lining up a shot, to improve your overall aiming capabilities.
  • The aerodynamic, slightly triangular shape delivers more club head speed on your swings to further improve the distance of your shots.
  • Shaft flex of this driver is available in the options of stiff, extra stiff, senior, or regular.
  • Loft angles are set at standard 9 degrees and 10.5 degrees for either the left or right-handed player.

The Introduction of the TaylorMade R11 S driver…

In early 2012 the TaylorMade R11 S driver was released with even greater versatility then the first R11 model. No features were omitted; the existing features were just enhanced further.

  • Now use the maximum USGA’s legal club head size, 460 cc of titanium, for a bigger sweet spot.
  • Choose from loft angles of 9, 10.5, or even 12 degrees; please note that the 12 degree option is only available for right handed players.
  • Advanced adjustable sole plate technology now lets you change the face angle up or down by up to an increased range of 3 degrees. You can make these adjustments by selecting one out of five new face angle setting options.
  • Flight control technology lets adjust the loft angle be adjusted even more as well, now up to 1.5 degrees total up or down as needed.
  • The same great moveable weight technology is also included in the R11 S driver, allowing you to shift the center of gravity from the heel to the toe of the club as before.
  • Inverted cone technology design of the head delivers more speed to your shots, even when your ball is hit off-center.

… and the R11 S TP

Finally, the TaylorMade R11 S TP driver has many similarities with the TaylorMade R11 S; the only real difference lies in the shaft specifications. Although they are both graphite shafts, the R11 S TP driver has a slightly smaller tip (0.335 vs. 0.35), low trajectory and stiff tip that few golfers but the more advanced would appreciate.

By comparison, the R11 S is primarily firm-tipped for mid trajectory use, and offers slightly more torque.

The ultimate question: How do they perform on the green?


On the positive side, the R11 drivers help golfers deliver consistently straighter shots with increased distance. These drivers tend to be very forgiving in general due to their solid head designs, and are also easy to swing.

Beginner golfers can especially appreciate that being able to lower the center of gravity gives a much more forgiving swing for greater control over their shots.

Setbacks from the R11 and R11 S models had includes a cushioned impact feeling during shots, which is not for everyone. Some players enjoyed the feeling of an extra spring in the face, while others do not.

Further, the stock grip has the tendency to be slippery for some players, which you might not notice if you play with high quality gloves.

The Verdict

Low to mid handicap: Those with low and mid handicaps who know what they need in their drivers can tune the TaylorMade R11S and R11 S TP models to their heart’s content, to get exactly the shots they want.

High handicap: Players with a high handicap tend to have slightly more difficulties in adjusting to these clubs, but found the standard R11 worked best for them when set to the neutral face setting only, improving drive distance and straightness of the shots.

Overall the final verdict on the TaylorMade R11 drivers is that they’re definitely worth the investment; the more experienced of a golfer you are, the more you can appreciate their capabilities.