TaylorMade Mens R9 Driver

TaylorMade R9 DriverAs one of the most popular golf brands to develop drivers on the market today, Taylormade has really made it a focus to give golfers the best driver possible. This is why the TaylorMade Men’s R9 Drivers have been known as one of the best drivers to ever be released since it was put on the golf scene in 2009. Golfers of all levels flocked to their nearest golf shop to get their hands on the driver despite the fact that it was more tailored for the mid to low handicapper. However, the driver was so good that most golfers saw significant results with the new TaylorMade Men’s R9 Driver.

Features and Material

 1. Adjustability

Taylormade has always been known to create drivers that look great at address. The club head can be adjusted and the Flight Control Technology will allow you to change the loft, lie and the face angle of the club. This is crucial for golfers who are really looking to shape their driver on the golf course.

2. Inverted Cone Technology

The Inverted Cone was placed into the inside of the clubface and it helps with the face thickness of the club. This allows the club to act differently when striking the ball. This technology has actually been used on the Taylormade drivers since the older R500 series.

3. Lightweight

The club head is light because of the Ultra-Thin technology that was created for the club head wall. This casting process is the main reason why the club head is so light and allows stronger golfers to gain a lot of swing speed. With a lighter club head, it will allow players to really hit the ball farther.

The driver is extremely special because of the fact that it can adjust to any golfer’s swing to provide a straighter and more effective ball flight. The only thing that you would need to do as a golfer is have a repetitive swing and the driver will do the rest of the work. Solid contact with the R9 driver can add up to 20 yards of distance because of the new technology.


 On Course Results

PGA professionals have been using the TaylorMade Men’s R9 Drivers for a while now and golfers simply call it one of the best performing drivers of all time. The expectations were very high for the R9 as the R7 also performed very well. When the R9 was released, golfers were not sure if they want to make the upgrade. However, the ability to adjust the club is the feature that really makes it easier to bring onto the course.

Who Is The Driver For?

High Handicap Golfer: A typical high handicap golfer will struggle to break 100 but would still be able to improve with this club. Most high handicappers end up adding about 8-10 strokes a round because of lost balls and hitting the ball right and left. The R9 driver will be able to help keep the ball in play and also add more yards to help shave some strokes off.

Middle Handicap Golfer: A middle handicap golfer will be able to hit the fairways but would need more distance to be able to make golf courses much easier to attack. With the Flight Control Technology, mid-handicappers will be able to really gain a good amount of distance just by having a better ball flight.

Low Handicappers: The best golfers have a lot of distance but need to learn how to shape the ball on command. This is exactly what the R9 provides and continues to be one of the most used drivers on the tour today. Taylormade is consistently the number brand for drivers and continues to develop the best on the market.

If you are looking for a complete driver, this is essentially what you are looking for. Though you may still need to think about getting a TP shaft if you are a low- handicapper, the stock shaft is usually good enough for most golfers. The R9 continues to be one of the bestselling drivers on the market today and will give other brands a tough time to catch up.

The nice thing about the TaylorMade Men’s R9 Drivers is that they are essentially great for all levels of golfers but would bring incredible results for the lower handicappers who want to really take their game to a higher level.