Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver: A Fine Innovation

finest innovation that Callaway has brought to the golf course


Callaway RAZR Hawk DriverThe Callaway RAZR Hawk driver is all about long drives and control. The claim from Callaway that the RAZR Hawk driver is among the fines innovation from Callaway is not without a reason.

The driver was made from several test hits and feedback’s from chosen professional golfers. Several models were used where each tester noted their respective comments.

The result is the Callaway RAZR Hawk that takes into account the demand from professional golfers for straighter drives with more distance while having full control over the driver which is what most advanced golfers claimed to be the downside to the Callaway FT-iZ which is known for long distance and straight drives but lacks the control that the Hawk offers.

RAZR Hawk Driver material and design

A forged composite that is made up of one third density of titanium that is lighter and stronger. The face or sole and head of the driver are being reinforced with 23 million turbo static carbon fibers. This provides engineers more leeway in distributing and positioning weight around the driver that is responsible for the faster speed for the ball and its farther yards of reach.

The Callaway company engineers hand in hand with the Lamborghini car designers, which was also the successful partnership behind the Callaway Diablo Octane Driver, is able to come up with a golf driver design through their respective engineering and experience.

This has translated into ball speed and great distance of ball flight. The incredible aerodynamic design enhances swing speed that is scientifically calculated to have eliminated drag or energy loss by 43% compared with the FT-9 driver.

The RAZR Hawk Driver offers a variety of models that will corresponds well the configurations that the player needs for a particular situation. Each model can allow players a great control or manipulations with the hits.

The ball swings or curves left to right or just go straight with neutral configuration depending on the slice or cuts executed by the player. This is where the weight around the driver matters so much and which are anticipated or calculated by the engineers by purposely distributing it at certain point of impact.

This RAZR is provided with excellent graphite grip at the shaft handle with maximum tension and flexibility. The right grip and feel will enhance control and predictability of ball flight offering greater control over the driver.

The Performance

The Diablo Octane is considered a real asset in distance-wise hit, however if the player wants to draw a ball or make a curve around a corner the RAZR Hawk offers great control and is the superior to the Octane. With a carefully balanced center of gravity and 46 inch shaft, the RAZR Hawk Driver is really a convenient club for lower handicap golfers that want more control over their drives.

This is responsible for a more accurate ball flight direction control which is even determined with sound in the impact of the ball with the metal face on the driver. Experience trains the player’s ears in distinguishing a good hit. Then watch the ball soar to the desired altitude that which approximates the probable point of landing ahead nearest to the hole or cup. Callaway’s other models for left and right hand orientation are also available that suits the players convenience.

We borrowed three golfers ranging from 23 down to 4 in handicap for our performance test:

High handicap: This driver is very advanced and offers control over the ball flight that few other drivers will manage. That being said, golfers with high handicap might find the long shaft and the over all design a bit overwhelming. The driver will however if handled in the right way help you out in reducing the handicap.

Middle handicap: The driver will add yards to your drive and will without a question reduce your handicap, especially if you or changing from a old driver.

Low handicap: If you have a low handicap you will love this driver. It is very simple. The control, distance, and over all design will give you added options off the tee that will help you lower your handicap even more.

The significant improvement of RAZR hawk driver models has made golf club driver lighter, thinner and more playable. This is truly inspiring to note that chances of getting better in the game of golf are still bright. With the ever improving golf clubs with scientifically designed driver learning and mastering golf have ultimately become much easier and who knows one of this days you will just find yourself competing with your idols. The novel version of Callaway Men’s Hawk Driver is a good item to start with. Try to have one yourself and have the feel of a champion golfer that you can be someday.