Callaway FT-iZ Driver

Callaway FT-iZ DriverThe Gold Digest Gold medal winner Callaway FT-iZ Driver will according to Callaway give length and power while producing amazingly straight drives.

Callaway claim that the new design and latest technology will give faster ball speed with a straight line. “More control and better score is what the FT-iZ Driver is all about.

But promise is one thing but actual test results is something totally different.

How does it really perform one the course? Can a driver really be that forgiving that most drives are straight down the fairway? Who does the driver benefit the most and who should not use this driver? Low, high, or middle handicap golfers?

Read the review and find out.

Callaway FT-iZ Driver Material

The FT-iZ has a Polar Weighting in the head which means a face that is heavier than your normal driver with additional weight at the back.

The result from the Polar Weighting is increased club stability. The FT-iZ Driver will therefore produce longer and straighter hits than your normal driver offering great balance and consistency. The result is a driver that gives on a consistent level accuracy and high speed.

Callaway has opted for a combination of aluminum, steel, carbon-fiber and titanium which gives you a club that is light with perfect weight distribution in the head and shaft.

One of the key features of the FT-iZ Driver is the larger than normal hitting area which produces a larger margin for error when the ball is struck. It is more likely that you will hit an accurate ball than with most other drivers.

If you have been having problems with getting your drives to go straight then the FT-Iz Driver is something that you might want to consider, you should at least take it to a test drive.

Performance on the course

If you want to drive straight the FT-iZ is a great option. It is perfect for beginners and middle range handicappers that have problems with the length of their drives and tend to slice the ball severely.

Low handicap golfers might find the driver to restrictive to their play as the anti-slice feature gives less control over the ball flight and it is a challenge to gain the control over the ball that most lower handicap golfers want with their driver.

The first thing you notice when you use the Callaway FT-iZ is the large head which has a triangular shape but the driver is still very pleasing on the eye and has a more narrow face on the vertical side compared to drivers from TaylorMade and Nike. If you are not used to large heads it will take you some time to get used to.

The shaft the FT-iZ has been matched with is the popular Aldila Voodoo. Loft options include nine, ten, eleven and thirteen degrees.

First when you hit a ball with the FT-iZ you will notice the sound it gives when you hit it in the sweet spot as it gives a explosive sound. You will also notice how powerful this driver is and when you hit the sweet spot the ball will fly far and noticeably straight.

Another thing you will also notice and the greatest feature about the driver for high handicap players is when you don´t hit the ball that well that it will still travel a good distance without a slice. The downside to this is that it can be hard to hit a draw with the FT-iZ if you would like to intentionally get the ball to sway to the side it can be a little tricky and my thought was that it has some kind of a anti-slice feature which fits what Callaway say about it.

The Test:

How did the IT-iZ performe in our test and who will the driver benefit the most?

The Test:

High handicap: We had a high handicap golfer (29) test drive the FT-iZ and what we found was that it took a few rounds to get used to the unique features of the driver. The drivers tended to be rather straight but very short. As the golfer became used to the driver the drivers became longer and it became very consistent. The “anti-slice” feature worked great as the low handicap golfer produced some great drives.

Middle handicap: The middle range handicap golfer (16) was able to produce right from the tee with the driver. Remarkable consistency that produced some great straight drives.

Low handicap: Our low handicap golfer (6) did as expected produce some great drivers but complained about the “control over the driver” as he struggled to steer the golf ball in the direction he wanted. The became a problem on one of the courses that had a curve 300 yards from the green which a low handicap golfer would be able to steer away from but the ball when straight into the rough.

The Callaway FT-iZ is therefore excellent for beginners that have a problem with drivers and would like to get a driver that will take them straight down the course. For those with a low handicap this driver will most likely add distance to your drive but be aware that this driver might be to straight for you to handle, if there is such a thing in golf as to straight the Callway FT-iZ might be it.

If you are looking for a driver with more power then we recommend that you take a look at the Callaway Diablo Octane Driver or the Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver that are both very explosive from the tee.