Callaway FT-iQ Driver

Callaway FT-iQ DriverSquare inch golf drivers were introduced only a few years ago. In 2008, Callaway – one of the most respected brands – came out with a model that has been fighting it out with the latest top of the range models ever since. The Callaway FT-iQ Driver, the latest driver from Callaway, is available in both tour and standard versions.

Another golf driver that has been inspired by a super car- the Lamborghini Riverton (See Diablo Octane Driver). The reason behind the comparison was that while earlier versions of the FT-i were very effective in keeping you on the short stuff. The angular looks coupled with the deep face greatly reduced its aerodynamic efficiency. These criticisms are all addressed by the FT-iQ with a more conventional face shape and a more streamlined style which helps generate more club head velocity for extra distance.

If you are looking for a great beginners driver that will give you straight drives and distance we recommend the Callaway FT-iZ or for those that are looking for an advanced driver that offers distance and great control the Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver is very good.


Callaway golf clubs have been using Fusion Technology for quite some time now (see also Callaway FT-9). This technology primarily involves the use of a carbon compote body under a titanium face cup that allows for movement of extra weight to the perimeter.

However; this technology was slightly modified in the Callaway FT-iQ. Maximum perimeter weighting was created by the use of new materials which also allowed for a more curate determination of the club heads’ center of gravity.

Apart from space age design, this driver has other special features which set it apart from other golf clubs. These include the Hyperbolic Technology – this basically the hyperbolic shape given to its face thickness to dramatically improve impact efficiency while providing a bigger effective impact area. This means golfer get more distance and forgiveness on those difficult off-center strikes.

Improved inertial design is a key feature of the Callaway FT-iQ driver. Discretionary weight s positioned much deeper and to the extreme corners, improving the MOI for unmatched forgiveness for shots hit anywhere on the face.

Visible external weighting- these strategically placed weighing in the back corners helps produce the straightest possible drivers possible with perfect ball flight trajectories to dramatically improve length.

Callaway had to find the most appropriate graphite shaft complement these technologies and settles on the Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki Shaft. It is a high performance graphite composite shaft designed with MDT (modulus differential technology) for tour level high launch and lower spin performance.


According to golf club reviews from the which put the Callaway FT-iQ driver to test using volunteers from wide range of ages, standards and handicaps, this gold club had the following scores n the each of these categories;

Forgiveness (9/10) – The FT-iQ is quite a small driver going by the latest standards. This may initially have a slight impact on player confidence. However, it recorded very accurate off-centre hits which lost very little distance.

Overall, the FT-iQ’s is quite impressive. Distance (7/10) – The stealth technology used makes for a very light club head. The amount of distance covered largely depends on the type of swing.

Slow swingers generate a high club head speed due to its light weight resulting in more distance while faster swingers are unlikely to generate the desired power due to the same reason, the lightness of the club head Accuracy (8.5/10) – This is one of the most accurate drivers of its generation. High handicappers in particular had a very easy time hitting it straight. Build quality (9.5/10) – Like all other Callaway golf divers, the FT-iQ is beautifully crafted. Top notch materials were used and the finish is close to perfection as any golf club would ever come. However, the test is a little bit weird.

By incorporating the latest, coolest technology from formula one cars and long range bombers, Callaway designers intended to create a driver to achieve one thing in particular, long bombs down the middle. The FT-iQ was mainly hyped up for the extra length, improved aerodynamic feel and extra accuracy. While it may take some time to fully adjust to its oddly shaped head, you would.

How does the Callaway FT-IQ perform with different handicaps?

High handicap: the driver is suited for those that are just starting out and/or have a high handicap as the driver is very easy to hit straight with resulting is a higher level of accuracy.

Low and mid handicap: However, the low and mid range handicappers would probably experience problems achieving the same high level of accuracy due to the way it sits at address. In spite of this, the FT-iQ is overall a very accurate driver.


The Callaway FT-iQ driver is an impressive piece of kit that exhibits a marked improvement on its predecessors. While an existing FTi user may struggle with having to fork out an additional $400 for this superior product, the improvement in performance would in the end justify the sacrifice.