Callaway FT-9 Driver

Callaway FT-9 DriverWhen Callaway came up with the FT-9 a couple of years ago, they said it’s the FT-5 with an extra zing.

If you are a golfer who comes up and out in their shots or you like to shape your shots then the Callaway FT-9 is the club for you.

Regardless of your skill level, you will find this club quite enjoyable to use and the improvement on your draw will be quite significant.


The FT in the FT-9 stands for Fusion Technology which is a process similar to what is used in creating high performance surfing equipment, resulting in a very light weight but remarkably strong carbon material and is the same material that is used the popular Callaway FT-iZ and the Callaway FT-iQ.

The carbon composite material is used in the body of the FT-9 Driver to reposition the weight into areas of the club where it is required the most to effectively optimize the center of gravity for increased MOI making the club favorable for either a draw, neutral or fade position.

The FT-9 also incorporates the Hyperbolic Face Technology which again brings another feature that makes the two twins different in the application of the technology. The underlying use of the Hyperbolic Face technology is to improve the impact effectiveness and produce a larger hitting area. With a titanium cup face to complete the driver’s head with a thickness and curvature to create a spring like effect when the ball is hit thus maximizing the ball speed and eventually generating more distance off the tee.

The two clubs are definitely designed for different kinds of players; they look a lot similar but with slight differences making them quite suitable for different players. FT-9 Driver has a 1 degree closed face while the FT-9 Tour is designed with a 1 degree open face; the weight between the two heads also differs, with the FT-9 Tour being a lot heavier than the FT-9. Another notable difference between the two FT-9 and FT-9 Tour is the loft increments. With the FT-9 the loft increments are in whole numbers while in the FT-9 Tour the loft increments are in standard half degree increments like in most drivers.

The OptiFit weights in both the clubs also differ, in other words they have their weighing positioned differently. In the FT-9 its weight is concentrated towards the heel of the shaft to reduce resistance to the forearm rotation which is what is ideal for a good draw. The FT-9 Tour has a more balanced distribution of the weight giving the user greater control of the club head on impact. Very few golf club manufactures make adjustable weight drivers; the FT-9 has three weight locations that can be changed. Due to the OptiFit feature in the FT-9 one is able to change the center of gravity by changing the weighting position resulting in longer, straighter, golf shots.


Callaway advertises the FT-9 as ”The Shot Maker”. But make no mistake about it when it comes to performance. Both the clubs can fire the ball a long way without a great deal of difficulty. Depending on whether your swing is slow or a strong one, you can still make a perfect shot. The FT-9 Driver applies well if you have a slow swing speed since you are able to maximize your swing speed due to the lightness of the club head. On the other hand FT-9 Tour is better utilized with a stronger swing. Depending on your skills and ability to work the ball, the 460cc FT-9 club head is able to listen as instructed. Though, the FT-9 won’t save a horrendous swing, but you can be sure that it offers enough forgiveness to ensure your drive is not taken deep into the woods if your swing is off by a small margin. The Callaway FT-9 Driver definitely lives up to its expectations, given that it has the added bonus of maximum shot shaping ability, plus it provides exactly what most golfers look for, a long and forgiving driver.

When it comes to determining what club is suitable for you, it is common advice never to buy a club just because it is being used by professionals, but you can always work your skills around your handicap to fully utilize any club. The FT-9 Driver is mostly suitable for mid to high handicaps since most mid to high handicaps prefer bigger club heads which is exactly what the FT-9 Driver offers which is 460cc, while the FT-9 Tour has a smaller club head at 440cc it is suitable for low handicap golfers.