Clicgear 3.0 Push Golf Cart


The game of golf is indeed a gentleman’s game. This wonderful sport has a personal mastery, coordination and astute attention to details that many fun-seeking fans of action packed, adrenaline-pumping games will never understand. Such calculated details include, a bit by bit consideration of every aspect of the game. No detail is too small to consider.

Yes, golfers, just like every other sportsmen are risk-takers, the only difference is that they are just more a bunch of calculated risk-takers. That is why you shouldn’t be surprised when you see a golfer, taking great pain to calculate the effects of each of his equipments and tools, on his overall performances and game.

This is one sport that only brawns without brains will never excel in. One of the equipments that no golfer will dare take for granted is his Push Cart. And in the market today, Clicgear 3.0 Golf Carts is the clear choice of vast majority of golfers.

The reasons are there for all to see. These push carts are easy to move around. They perform their job quite easily, making life a lot easier for already exhausted golfers. There is always a period in the game of every golfer, when the last thing he would need is to be carrying is a heavy burden around. Also, for golfers who have rough and coarse course to deal with, Clicgear 3.0 Golf Carts will always be the best choice. The push-cart wheels possess inbuilt strength to tread on rough and tough terrain. And when its to be packed, they fold easily. Although, it may be on the high side for some golfers, price-wise, but when compared with other push carts available in the market today, vis-a-vis their functions and advantages, Clicgears are relatively cheap. That is why, every serous-minded golfer, who is ready to take his game a notch higher, must be a fan of a clicgear push cart.


Lightweight Material:

Clicgear push carts are made of very light but strong materials usually from aluminum. These are the same materials you will find being used to produce Aircrafts. No wonder, they both tend to float and glides against all odds.

Larger Wheels:

Clicgear 3.0 Golf Carts boast of bigger and larger wheels than most of the carts in the market. And as a result of this, they move without struggle, gliding easily on any kind of terrain. Probably for the same reason you will see Range Rovers with big tires, to move effortlessly, through anywhere, be it muddy or bushy flora, etc.


Clicgears are built to match the body height of an average golfer. So average, that it will be found useful and convenient by both short and tall players. The advantage of the height of the gear can of course not be over-emphasized. Bending and bowing to push carts around over a period of time can lead to back sore and pains. So, no matter your height, Clicgears are built with your needs in mind.


Even though Clicgears have big wheels, they incredibly combine that feature with the ability to fold neatly, without unnecessary occupying too much space in your garage or even in the truck of your car.


Clicgear 3.0 Golf Carts contain other additionally useful features like holders for your umbrellas, cups, bottles, gloves, hats, etc.


Golfers who ply their trade on courses that are not always smooth, especially those who are not from the sunshine state of the south, will develop better appreciation for Cligears. Ease of use, adaptability and sensitivity to all golfing experience, makes it the best obvious choice of every serious minded golfer. At the 2007 PGA Merchandise Show in Florida, it was adjudged to be the best push cart under the Best New product Awards.

Final Verdict:

No one deserves to be overburdened with extra baggage, especially when it is no longer necessary. You too can take your game higher, today. You need the best tools around you. And Clicgears happened to be one of such tools.

Clicgear 3.0 Golf Carts seem to cover every important base that a thinking golfer would tick as basics. That is why one common saying among many satisfied users is that clicgears are not only compact, they are cool!