Clicgear 3.0 Cart Model


When in 2007, Cligear 2.0 won an award in Orlando, Florida as the best New Product in the PGS Merchandise Show, little did people knew that the best was still yet to come for the product, and its teeming users/golfers all over the world. The featured-packed product simply blew people away, exceeding all expectations, leaving the competition trailing, miles behind.

However, the introduction of the new Clicgear 3.0 Cart Model has instead, further enhanced, the peoples believe in the capacity of the Clicgear company to surprise and work wonder. If the old version was great and wonderful, the last one is unbelievable. Such is the wonder and awe that the latest clicgear Push carts exudes.

It is quite clear, the importance of a pushing cart to the overall performance of a golfer. There is always a part in the life of every golfer, with a term that has come to be known as the slog of golf. This is the time, when everything becomes blurry and boring. This is the period when he deals with the solitary journey of moving from one end of the course to the other end, picking balls from hole to hole, pushing and shoving his kits along the way. At this period, having access to the best mobile, light-weight, pushing-cart will tremendously reduce stress and fatigue, leaving and saving enough energy for concentration on the game.

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Every playing golfer, will no doubt, appreciate the qualities and advantages Clicgear 3.0 Cart Model.

These advantages start becoming obvious from the moment the preparation for the game starts. You can pack the cart into an incredible 13 by 24by 15 inches. It folds neatly into the trunk of your car, while leaving enough space for your other kits. Talk about space management.

So compact is the cart that you can consider taking it along with you while flying, without any fear of incurring additional load charges.

Aside the fact that it takes time to get hold of the folding and the stretching business, once mastered it becomes a breeze and a real, time and resources saver. Other noticeable drawback to the push cart could be the pinch points that could easily hurt your fingers when folding it, but, also, there are signs and warnings printed conspicuously on the side of the frame, showing you how to move your hand around.

Lastly, by and large Clicgear 3.0 Cart Model is not one of the cheapest carts in the market today; but you will definitely get what you paid for. The cost spread over its lifetime, you will see it is worth every cent paid for it.


Large Storage Capacity

Clicgear 3.0 Cart Model come loaded with ample room for storing stuffs that golfers will need at every instant of the game. There is space for scorecards, balls, pencils, tees, glove and even a towel. Also, thoughtfully created in the cart are holes that can handle your snacks, phones and keys, etc

Strong, durable and lightweight Material

The push carts are ingeniously made from the durable aluminum tubing that aircrafts are made from. And it comes in various colors- black, blue, silver, kiwi and yellow.

Improved Hand Brake System

The 3.0 version of Cligear has an innovative hand brake system that is an improvement over the previous version. The free, gliding mobility of the cart warrants a brake system that will be sharp and firm. This is also a well thought out idea from the maker of the cart.

Additional Umbrella Holder

Aside the aforementioned holders of accessories, the push cart also comes packaged with a basic port hole for your umbrella. It’s adjustable, and works perfectly well, no matter your height. Included also, is a mini water bottle holder that is detachable.

Holding Straps

There are usually needs to carry your bag around with you while on the course. Available are the beautiful straps that will firmly hold your bag in place, without a need for adjustment and twisting. There is also a place for a standing bad, if that is what you want.

Large Wheels

What makes the cart easy and smooth when moved around is the size of its wheels. The three wheels make it possible for the cart to tread anywhere, everywhere, without becoming constantly stuck.


The Clicgear moves wonderfully well in all terrain, but most especially the hard ones. It can easily be moved around, it’s durable, and has other well thought out compartments for some of your personal items. It is the perfect cart for every serious minded golfer.

Final Verdicts

If what you are looking for is a pushing cart that will make you happy and take away your stress without putting holes in your pockets, then Clicgear 3.0 Cart Model is worth your best shot. Get one for yourself and you will always be glad you did.