Improve your game with a golf simulator

Using a golf simulator is both fun and can add new things to your game. I remember the first time I used a golf simulator I though that this was to good to be true. This is a long time ago when the feedback was bad and the graphic was even worse. Today the feedback you can get from a good golf simulator is something that will work as a personal trainer that will find things to fix all the time. When you chose a golf simulator be sure to know what you are looking for and what is included in the package.

With some simulators you can use real golf clubs and golf balls while other do not allow for this. If you intent to go the distance and take the expensive type that allows for the use of real golf equipment be sure to go over the checklist to see what else you need, you might need to buy a hitting net and make sure that you have the space required to use the simulator in your home, the rule of thumb is that you should be able to swing a golf club where you intent to set the simulator up. This is usually about 9 feet high.

For an overview for what you need when you are going to buy a golf simulator I recommend that you take a look at our golf simulator overview first or follow our blog about golf simulators.