Golf nets are great way to practice your golf at home or in a club house. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right golf net depending on how you plan to use it. Golf nets are also great, and sometimes vital, when using a golf simulator.

Material strength

This is one of the most important thing for a golf net. If plan on using all your clubs, especially the driver, and practice on a daily basis the need for the golf net to be strong are high. If you plan on buying a cheap golf net but still use it everyday you can expect the net to wear down in a short time. You might even end up saving some money by taking the more expensive option from the start.

If you plan to use the golf net less than on a daily basis, only on weekends or for you family to have fun the material strength becomes of less importance.


This is another important factor that you will have to take into account when you look to buy a golf net. You might want to be able to move it around the yard without much effort or take it without to a friend or a summer house.

Ball retrieval

Some nets are well built but the lack the important thing that makes a good golf net great. Ball retrieval is very important if you want to do consistent work and if you have to spend time trying to get the balls back from the golf net it will become much harder to create muscle memory or get consistency to your practice.


The more of the above the higher price you are going to pay. It is very simple. Take into account all the factors for the golf net you need and you pretty much get what you pay for when it comes to golf nets.

Golf Mats

You might also want to consider adding a golf mat to your purchase which will make your golf setting perfect .

1# The Net Return Golf Net

The Net Return is an innovative golf net that is probably the best golf net (and and the golf spy agrees with me: on the market, as the price would indicate. Strong, portable, and best of all returns the ball back to the position it was hit from. This is the best way to built muscle memory as you can hit the same ball again and again without moving around.

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2# Callaway Quad Net
Callaway is a company that has great experience when it comes to golf accessories so they should know what they are doing when it comes to golf nets. Their Callaway Quad Net comes in two different types, a 6-feet and a 8-feet. The smaller 6-feet is less expensive and not intended if you plan on using it on daily basis as the net material is not the strongest. If you want a professional net that is strong and portable the 8-feet quad net is a good option under $200.

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3# Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net
The Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net is reliable and can be used for both intensive training and for fun as the price is good while being strong and portable.

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4# Izzo The Giant 12-feet Training Net

The Izzo The Giant 12-feet Training Net is as the name indicates a giant golf net that is 12 feet wide and 10 feet high. The frame is strong and it is easy to setup. The bad news is that the net is made from fragile material that will not hold drivers or low irons (3 and 4) as it will make a hole in the net. This net is not recommended fro everyday use or with all clubs.

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